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We love to ferment.

How an ancient tradition from taiwan has awakened our passion for fermentation.

Already in my teenage years, i had always had the dream to start my own company at some point. As a young boy i already sold chestnut figures on our street corner to earn some pocket money. this entrepreneurial joy has always been preserved over the years. After numerous ideas and attempts, I finally realized that I wanted to distribute a tangible product, where, firstly, I could stand behind one hundred percent and at the same time assist people in their everyday life.

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It works. Shared it with the girls at work and they loved it. Flat stomach, great feeling, feeling light! will definitely buy again.

This is the most wonderful all natural healthy supplement that I have ever found! I am someone with a history of 20 years of problems with terrible abdominal pain and constipation sometimes leading to hospitalization. laxplums make my gut work normally and has changed my life. I heartily recommend it!!

I Love these, had problems going when I started doing a week-long fast and laxplums were recommended since I can’t have prune juice. These make me feel so much better and lighter after they kick in. It takes between 9-12 hours to kick in for me and I take 1-2 plums . I love these so much I bought a bag for my mom and sister as they sometimes have trouble going and they love them too!


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