First aid for constipation (congestion) and sluggish bowel

First aid for constipation (congestion) and sluggish bowel

A well-functioning digestion is important for our well-being. How long the digestion lasts and how often we need to go to the bathroom varies and depends on our metabolism and on the nature of our diet as well as the amounts we consume. In addition, our drinking habits play a role as well as the amount of exercise and relaxation we experience.

Our well-being is the most important indicator of the need for action on our digestive and bowel habits. A rare, difficult bowel movement in conjunction with malaise, flatulence and / or abdominal pain are clear signs of constipation (constipation). This can be easily remedied with home remedies and a fiber-rich diet in most cases. Here are some tips:

  • Drink plenty of (warm) water. Best several times a day.
  • Exercise in the fresh air.
  • Take an extra dose of fiber, eg in the form of psyllium husks and linseed. Always drink a lot!
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (especially apples, plums, prunes, prunes in water or sauerkraut).
  • Fermented plums, eg from grü  – with sluggish intestines it is best to take a plum every evening after dinner with warm water.

Anyone familiar with enemas can make an enema.

Beware of laxatives, these should only be used if necessary. Persistent constipation should be discussed with the family doctor.

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